Damaged Chocolate (broken, melted, bloomed, other)

Dear chocoholic,

If your yummy chocolate was damaged in transit (broken, melted, bloomed- when the cacao fat separates and turns the bar a white appearance, or other concerns), please email us at support@chuaochocolatier.com so we can support you as needed:

1. Notify us withing 48 hours of delivery confirmation via the tracking history that the carrier provides.

2. Give a brief explanation of your concerns, accompanied by clear images of the packaging of your order and of the chocolates in question.

3. Do not discard packaging material and your chocolates as we may need for you to return them, for quality assurance purposes.

4. If you discard the damaged chocolates and packaging, we will not be able to submit a claim through the carrier for you and support you in getting your issue resolved in a timely manner.

We are unable to resolve matters via phone or chat assistance as we thoroughly investigate and record each claim, for quality assurance purposes.

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